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Antiques Roadshow Christmas Special | Preview (BBC One)

In this festive end-of-year special, the Roadshow team gets into the Christmas spirit at a glorious country house as they look back on some of the most memorable and moving stories to have appeared on the show in recent years to find out ‘what happened next?’

The daughter of pioneering female pilot Jackie Moggridge traces her mother’s story at the Biggin Hill airbase, where she sees a Spitfire her mum would have flown.

A collection of glass negative photos seen at the Roadshow in Edinburgh reveal a heart wrenching story of young boys taken from Scotland to work as unpaid laborers in Canada at turn of the 20th century. Jewellery expert Geoffrey Munn discovers a rare, previously unknown brooch by Victorian designer William Burgess.

Expect emotional moments and surprising discoveries as we’re reunited with a handful of characters who made a lasting impression when they first appeared on the show.

Antiques Roadshow Christmas Special (60’ x 1) is a BBC Studios production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Executive Producer for BBC Studios is Robert Murphy and the Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Clare Mottershead.


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