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The This Morning favourite is to pitch more ideas to ITV.

Speaking at Sheffield Doc Fest 2020, Alison said: "Well, I've actually got a meeting about some more documentaries on Friday, so who knows? I will pitch maybe some more stories."

She continued: "It's so sad because there so many other stories and an hour just wasn't long enough. It would've been lovely to have a series of it, but time was a restraint. More black history - I don't know, I would love to have some more."

Earlier in the month (October) Alison fronted a primetime ITV documentary for Black History Month. The one-off programme saw Alison travel across the country and back in time on an historical journey to discover some of the black figures who have been hidden from Britain's history.

Alison Hammond: Back To School is available to watch now on ITV Hub. Click here.


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