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Three celebrities will wear their household rubbish over the course of two weeks in specially designed trash suits to make them face up to their consumer habits.

The three celebrities set to take part are TV personality Kerry Katona, model Jodie Kidd and footballing legend John Barnes. Each celebrity will don their own trash-suit containing waste from their household and over two weeks, the celebrities will wear their trash suit as they go about their regular lives.

Throughout this experiment the celebrities will aim to reduce their carbon footprint.

They will also create a handful of hard-line rules for their families to live by, in order to reduce their rubbish and cut down their trash suit’s bulging ‘waste-line’. The celebrity who reduces their carbon footprint the most will be crowned the winner.

Jon Richardson said: “We have reached the stage of impending climate catastrophe where a rodent-looking comedian is forced into making well-meaning celebs go and wear their trash. I believe Trash Monsters will be funny, enlightening and an incredibly vivid depiction of how easily we all accumulate vast amounts of waste.”

Harjeet Chhokar Commissioning Editor, Factual added: “This is a brilliant mix of entertainment and education for a very important issue. Here we’ll visibly see how much rubbish an individual can accumulate in a relatively short period of time. Plus, there’s a great opportunity to delve into the ‘trash habits’ of the celebs taking part and find out what they will do to change them.”


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