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As part of a double recommission announced last year, hit series THe Piano will return for a third series next year on Channel 4.

The Piano celebrates the nation’s favourite instrument by inviting talented amateur pianists to play on public pianos in London St Pancras, Leeds, Glasgow and Birmingham train stations, sharing their stories and music with the great British public.

Both series have been hosted by Claudia Winkleman with judges classical pianist Lang Lang and pop superstar Mika returning. The third series, like the second, will see an increased episode count of seven episodes.

From nonagenarians who have been playing for eighty years to twelve-year-olds who have never played in pubic before, those who taught themselves to play the classics in lockdown to players who feel the music, composing pieces about their life experiences and someone with no sight who against all the odds has mastered Chopin, commuters in train stations across the country will be stopped in their tracks as heartfelt, emotional and uplifting performances take place.

Channel 4's Chief Content Officer Ian Katz said last year: "In a world full of wannabes seeking their moment in the limelight, The Piano was a breath of fresh air. It celebrated ordinary people doing something extraordinary for the sheer love of it. From 94-year-old widower George who played in Glasgow station to Lucy, the blind 13-year-old who stole the nation’s hearts."

The Piano is available now on Channel 4 online.


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