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For the first time ever, a group of celebrities move into the most famous apartment block in the UK. Expect twists and turns as these VIPs compete to be crowned The Circle’s most popular celebrity player. While some of the celebrities are playing as themselves in the game, others are catfishing as another celebrity identity altogether, hoping to convince the other players that they are the real deal.

Going into The Celebrity Circle as themselves

  • Denise van Outen

  • Duncan James

  • Saffron Barker

Going into The Celebrity Circle under a celebrity catfish profile

  • Baga Chipz will be playing as Kim Woodburn

  • Lady Leshurr will be playing as Big Narstie

  • Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha will be playing as Gemma Collins

  • Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom will be playing as

  • Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks will be playing as Rachel Riley

  • and Charlotte Crosby will join the game as a new player, playing as Peter Andre

This edition of the game will see suspicions heightened and gameplaying galore as the celebs compete for the title of most popular player. The series was filmed in autumn last year, with the celebrities having no idea who was catfishing and who was keeping it real.

Emma Willis returns as host, delivering the players some surprise alerts along the way, and comedian Sophie Willan resumes her role as the unmistakable voiceover of each episode. The six-part celebrity series will be followed immediately by the all-new third series of The Circle.

The celebrity series is in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 that brings the UK together to speed up progress in life-saving research. To get involved donate at 100% of your donation goes to Cancer Research UK in support of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

The Celebrity Circle starts Tuesday 9 March on Channel 4


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