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Claudia Winkleman greets 22 strangers as they arrive at a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate reality game of detection, backstabbing and trust, all with the hope of winning up to £120,000.

And it’s not long before the players are questioning everything, and everyone, as Claudia secretly assigns the Traitors. Their task is simple - under the cover of darkness, they must pick off their fellow players one by one, murdering them from the game.

The other players form the Faithful and must try to work out who the Traitors are in their midst, banishing them from the game before becoming their next victim. The lucky ones who make it to the final have a chance of winning the life-changing cash prize. But if a Traitor remains, they will steal all the money.


Andrew, 45

Job title: Insurance Broke

Location: Talbot Green

Anthony, 45

Job title: Chess Coach

Location: Birmingham

Ash, 45

Job title: Events Coordinator

Location: London

Aubrey, 67

Job title: Retired Shop Owner

Location: Leicestershire

Charlie, 34

Job title: Mental Health Area Manager

Location: Bristol

Charlotte, 32

Job title: Recruitment Manager

Location: Warwickshire

Diane, 63

Job title: Retired Teacher

Location: Lancashire

Evie, 29

Job title: Veterinary Nurse

Location: Inverness

Jasmine, 26

Job title: Sales Executive

Location: London

Jaz, 30

Job title: National Account Manager

Location: Manchester

Jonny, 31

Job title: Ex-Military

Location: Bedfordshire

Kyra, 24

Job title: Apprentice Economist

Location: Kent

Mollie, 21

Job title: Disability Model

Location: Bristol

Paul, 36

Job title: Business Manager

Location: Manchester

Sonja, 66

Job title: Volunteer Business Mentor

Location: Lancashire

Tracey, 58

Job title: Sonographer and Clairvoyant

Location: Inverness

Zack, 27

Job title: Parliamentary Affairs Advisor

Location: London

Harry, 22

Job title: British Army Engineer

Location: Slough

Meg, 22

Job title: Illustrator

Location: Herefordshire

Miles, 36

Job title: Veterinary Nurse

Location: Birmingham

Ross, 28

Job title: Video Director

Location: Lancashire

The Traitors returns Wednesday 3rd January on BBC One.


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