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The series sees a group of single women each be matched with several men who all share their desire to have a baby. They will meet and spend time together to establish if there's a connection and try to work out whether or not to have a baby.

Episode one - broadcast on Tuesday 23rd March on Channel 4 - averaged a poor 560,000 viewership despite having a Bake Off lead in.

Channel 4 have now pulled tonight's episode (30 March) and replaced it with a retrospective episode of 24 Hours In A&E. From next week, a new series of Snackmasters will occupy the 9pm Tuesday slot on Channel 4, whilst Strangers Making Babies will air in the late-night slot of 11pm.

At time of writing, episode three is scheduled to have its first airing on Wednesday 7th April at 11pm on Channel 4.

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