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Paramount+ UK have commissioned new drama STAGS. The six-part series follows groom-to-be Stu and his friends on his stag do in South America.

What was meant to be a week of drink, debauchery and fun takes a dark turn. Instead of boarding a flight back to the UK, the stags are sent to a lawless prison island run by two warring siblings.

Quickly it becomes clear that the stags need to pick a side to have any chance of survival. Friendships are tested and life-long loyalty is sacrificed as Stu and his mates begin to question who will make it home alive.

Nico Mirallegro has been cast as Stu, joining him are Corin Silva as Ryan, Charlie Cooper and Ant, Sophie Lenglinger and Paul Forman as Clem and Hugo. Asim Chaudhry will also join the cast as Stu’s work mate, Greg.

Stu’s in-laws John and Kai will be played by Cavan Clerkin and Jojo Macari, whilst Paulina Galvez and Oscar Foronda are Selma and Branco Quispe, the two siblings who rule the prison Stu and his friends find themselves in.

Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Chief Content Officer, UK, Paramount sai: "Quality local content for Paramount+ is something that we are passionate about and STAGS is an excellent addition to our 2024 roster of UK original series...

"With the team at Eleven at the helm and an exciting ensemble cast, Stu’s stag do promises to be a wild, gripping ride that we can’t wait to bring viewers on."

Executive Producer Carissa Hope Lynch said: "The incredible cast and standout creative team are a real testament to Daniel’s distinct and darkly comic scripts. STAGS is a balls out series, packed with plot twists that’ll give the keenest genre buff whiplash. We’re so thrilled to bring this savage tale to Paramount+"

More details will be revealed in due course.


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