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PREVIEW: William & Harry - What Went Wrong, ITV

ITV’s ‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry’ laid bare a rift between Princes William and Harry that it seems has simmered for years.

By speaking to key royal insiders, this documentary will attempt to get to the bottom of this royal rift, and in doing so explore issues that go to the heart of the debate about the future of the monarchy.

It will explore how the trauma of the loss of their mother helped shape the Princes, but also how the very public divorce of their parents helped shape William, and how both Princes view the media.

It will explore how the traditional way of doing things within the Royal Family was shaken by the arrival of Meghan - an independently successful woman, a passionate campaigner, - and how this has affected the attitudes of William and Harry to one another.

It will reveal tension before Harry’s engagement to Meghan and explore allegations that many of the negative stories about Harry and Meghan were the result of briefings from within the palace.

William & Harry: What Went Wrong airs Sunday 4th July at 9pm on ITV.

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