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PREVIEW: The Money Maker, Channel 4

In the current economic climate and with the business sector on its knees, this new series seeks to show that shrewd decisions can help businesses navigate the post-pandemic economy and still deliver a profit.

We follow The Money Maker - serial entrepreneur and seasoned investor Eric Collins - in his quest to offer not only his expertise and unrivalled business acumen, but also his own capital investment to four small struggling British businesses.

Each week, Eric visits a different company in the UK, offering a game-changing investment designed to turn its fortunes around and equip it for growth. In return, he'll take an equity stake in each business, call the shots and take charge of the transformations he wants to see happen.

As the CEO of Impact X Capital - a venture capital firm supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs across Europe - Eric invests millions of other people's money, but this time it's from his own pocket... and it's personal.

In the first episode, The Money Maker is in Manchester checking out repair and restoration company Prymo. Lively CEO Jasen says he's never been busier, but Eric wants to know exactly what's been keeping him busy as there isn't enough profit to expand.

It's down to Eric to get Jasen to focus on just one aspect of his business at a time, but will the tempestuous relationship between them end up costing Jasen his entire company... and take Eric's money with him? With the most important pitches of his career coming up, Jasen needs to focus. But will the pair ever agree on an investment deal?

The Money Maker begins Tuesday 04th May at 9pm on Channel 4.


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