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PREVIEW: Britain's Most Luxurious Hotels, Channel 4

This brand-new series goes behind the scenes at some of Britain's most luxurious hotels, following the staff as they cater to their guests' every whim, during an extraordinary period of turmoil for the hospitality industry.

This episode has exclusive access to the grande dame of London hotels - The Langham - where a suite can cost up to £25,000 a night, and meets the team as they open their doors for the first time since lockdown, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To celebrate the reopening, there's a brand-new take on the traditional afternoon tea, with celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr. in charge of the revamped menu. But how will this tea with a twist go down with the hotel's discerning guests? Elsewhere in the hotel, there are other changes afoot. Hotel manager Nick is getting a new boss - German managing director Doris - who has come to shake things up at the luxury hotel.

Meanwhile, the hotel is putting on its first event since lockdown: an erotic podcast launch with a star-studded guest list. Can the events team pull off the launch in the face of a protest and some technical problems? Exec Prods: Anna Edwinson, Daniela Neumann; Prod/Dir: John Joe Bardsley; Prod Co: Spun Gold TV

All episodes of this series will be available to watch or download for free on All 4 from 30 May, following the transmission of this episode.

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