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PREVIEW: Is Uni Racist?, BBC Three

Britain’s universities are some of the most prestigious in the world, but are they safe places for students of colour? Reporter Linda Adey investigates the experiences of black and ethnic minority students at British unis and examines what happens when victims of racist abuse at university want to complain.

Linda’s journey starts in Manchester where a 19 year-old student is held up against a wall by university security staff demanding to see his ID because, according to the student, they think he is a drug dealer and not a university student.

Linda’s investigation also leads her to students who experienced alleged racism at one Oxford college, Christ Church. More generally, Linda asks whether the distress of initial racist incidents is being compounded by the way universities handle complaints.

Linda hears that the majority of students who face racism don’t report it, while some students who do complain say they’re locked out of the process, left dissatisfied and have been failed by their university. Those students say it has had huge consequences for their mental wellbeing and educational outcomes.

Linda finally gets to put the students’ experiences she has heard to the universities, but are they willing to admit to any failings? And can universities become a safer place for black and ethnic minority students?

Available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Wednesday 28 April.

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