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PREVIEW: Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport returns for its sixth series on ITV.

It’s Winter 2019, and the airport is having its busiest year to date. This year they were expecting more than 81 million passengers to fly in and out of the UK's favourite gateway, with its 76,000 staff working as hard as ever to keep the airport running smoothly.

Voiced by Joanna Lumley, this series features Heathrow filmed before Coronavirus lockdown, where on the front line are the aviation police. Returning for another series are officers Terry and Dave. Armed with semi-automatics and stun guns, they search for a mouthy passenger in Terminal 2. 

Meanwhile those in charge of traveller happiness and well-being – the passenger experience managers (PEMs) have their hands full as usual. 

Under the watchful eye of veteran and 'King of Terminal 2' Demi, two new PEMs Lily and Lee feature in this series, both called upon to deal with fires in the terminal.

Also joining the PEMs in the terminals this year are a brand new supporting cast of high-spirited customer service managers and ambassadors, including Sarah and Marcus who insist on making every passenger laugh and smile as much as possible as they journey through the airport.

At Britain’s biggest front door is Border Force. Now in her third series, Border Force Kat deals with some sensitive immigration issues as well as a serial smoker trying to get in under the radar. Border Force’s dogs are also back, sniffing their way through drugs, dosh and dodgy aftershave.

Cameras go behind the check-in desks and walk the centre line of the runway, to reveal what it’s really like to keep planes flying in and out of Britain's busiest airport every 45 seconds.

Episode 1

"This time, police officers Terry and Dave deal with a missing passenger which threatens to close the airport, Ramp Team Rachel is dishing out safety fines, and in Terminal 2 security, exuberant Estefania is speechless at someone’s carry-on."

Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport begins on Wednesday 19th August at 8pm on ITV


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