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The Yorkshire Vet | Series 16 Preview (Channel 5)

The Yorkshire Vet follows all the drama, laughter and tears as a group of town and country vets at four different practices across the county help animals of all kinds. Christopher Timothy, who once played the world’s most famous vet, James Herriot, provides the narration.

Peter Wright, who was trained in Thirsk by Herriot himself, has more 40 years’ experience treating all kinds of animals. After leaving Skeldale Veterinary Centre, his old boss’ original practice, he now works out of Grace Lane Vets in Kirkbymoorside, on the edge of the moors in North Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, Julian Norton – Peter’s former partner at Skeldale – has opened a practice back in Thirsk, which he runs alongside his wife, Anne. Julian is also a partner at Sandbeck Veterinary Centre in Wetherby, just across Yorkshire.

Following in their footsteps in upholding the Herriot ethos are a team of young vets at the Donaldson’s practice in West Yorkshire. They include Matt Smith, Shona Searson, David Melleney and Rohin Aojula. Although they are based at a state of the art animal hospital in Huddersfield, Donaldson’s is another traditional mixed practice – their work involves caring for farm animals, wildlife and popular pets as well as some that are more exotic.

The vets also encounter all kinds of colourful characters, from children to kindly old ladies to larger-than-life, straight-talking farmers. Yorkshire is the series’ other leading character. As we follow the vets to farms across the county, the countryside provides a stunning, ever-changing backdrop.

And, whatever the weather, they continue the Herriot tradition – treating all creatures great and small. In this episode, Julian operates on a French Bulldog who has injured one of his three legs.

Peter and Shona have some donkey work to do at the Greens’ farm to solve a problem between Sybil and Fernando. Matt rushes to a local farm to try and save a ewe and her unborn lamb, before finding himself in the unwanted sequel to Snakes on a Plane – Matt’s lost his pet snake in his car!

The Yorkshire Vet returns Tuesday 25th April on Channel 5.


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