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The Traitors | Episode 5 Preview (BBC One)

In last night’s episode, which viewers have called the most explosive yet, drama erupted over breakfast as three contestants were told they were on trial.

The pressure got to Tom who couldn’t keep his relationship with Alex a secret any longer and revealed the truth to the group, causing massive upset particularly with Matt who had been caught in the middle.

Tonight’s show picks up where it left off at the roundtable. After an intense debate and an equal number of votes between Alex and Ivan, one player has the casting vote. That player is none other than Traitor Amanda, but who will she decide to send home?

A brief look at tonight’s challenge sees a congregation of gold masked guests eerily sat in a church, and Claudia makes an announcement to the group. She says: “This castle is also full of secrets.”

But what else could she possibly throw at the group?

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One, with the series so far available now on BBC iPlayer.


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