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The Met | Series 4 Preview (BBC One)

Documentary following the officers of Britain's biggest and busiest police service as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims, all across the capital.

Across London, 24 hours a day, The Met is dealing with the pressures and dilemmas of policing a city of eight and half million people.

Following on from the highly successful first three series, these new episodes follow the work of Britain’s biggest and busiest police force, as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims all across the capital.

In Sydenham, south London, 17-year-old Levi Ernest-Morrison is stabbed outside his house. His mother Bonnie races to his aid, but he dies in her arms. Detectives from the Murder Investigation Team must track down those responsible.

In Harrow, north west London, a young woman has gone to police and alleged that she has been threatened with violence and forced into sex work. Her case is investigated by the Met’s Modern Slavery Team.

In Lambeth, south London, response officers Wes and Martha police the streets while public confidence in the Met is at a record low. They respond to a call that schoolboys have been seen throwing fireworks, and that a man has been seen with a knife in a fast food restaurant.

The Met returns Tuesday 24th October at 9pm on BBC One.


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