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Super Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs | Preview (Channel 5)

Dogs – they love us, protect us, and would do anything for us. But some clever canines are taking that dedication to extremes, doing everything from sniffing out crimes to saving lives and helping humans heal from PTSD. Welcome to the world of Super Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs!

Over two episodes, we meet a range of incredible hero hounds, seeing them in action as they use their training and talents to make the world a better place for humans and other animals. And we explore the ground-breaking techniques that have turned these super pups from loving pets into something even more special.

Dogs have 70 times the scent receptors of humans, and Bumper and other dogs like him are trained to sniff out diseases like cancer, covid and diabetes. Bumper’s on an exercise to sniff out Parkinson’s odour from multiple scent samples but will he pass the test?

Otto is an eight-year-old miniature dachshund. When he was younger, he fell seriously ill and needed urgent surgery. During that surgery he received a lifesaving blood transfusion and today he’s going to meet the incredible dog, Great Dane Bear, who helped to save his life.

Willow is a search and rescue dog from Kent. She was adopted from a rescue centre and trained to play a vital role within the team. Willow’s on the search for a missing person. She’s an air scenter who tracks in open ground. Will she pick up the scent and find the missing person?

Cara and Luna are Belgian Malinois. These dogs are some of the fastest breeds on the planet. Cara and Luna work for the West Midlands rescue service as search and rescue dogs. Trained to find people in disaster zones, today they’re on a training exercise, hunting out a buried man.

Springer Spaniel Jac’s extraordinary job is to find electricity cable leaks for Scottish Power. He’s been sent out to detect a leak in their huge network of underground cables.

Finally, we meet Amos and Toby, Amos is a blind Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross who lives with Border Terrier Toby. Toby works as Amos’s guide dog, nudging him to the right food bowl and keeping him safe from harm.

Super Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs begins Tuesday 18th June at 7pm on Channel 5.


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