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Send Nudes: Body SOS | Preview (E4)

Individuals with very personal body hang-ups and who are considering cosmetic surgery are about to see much more of themselves than ever before via full size, 360 avatars of their naked bodies, as we help them decide if surgery is really the answer.

From boobs, balls and bums to penis', pecs and tums, this is the ultimate 'try before you buy' for those seriously considering cosmetic surgery, allowing them to see what they could look like before making a life changing decision.

And to help them decide, host Vogue Williams and 50 complete strangers are on hand with honest feedback.

In this first episode, we meet chiselled chippie Steven, who wants a porn star-sized penis, and single-mum Steph, who's desperate for smaller boobs.

But as they both confront their life-size naked avatars, will they decide to push ahead with their plans for surgery or will their minds be changed by what they see in front of them and hear from our feedback panel?

The next episode will be available as a first look on All 4 after the transmission of this one on Wednesday 31st August.

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