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Secret Crush | Series 2 Preview (ITV2)

In this series, lovestruck singletons who have been harbouring feelings from afar finally reveal their hidden passion to their unknowing crush.

Whether they’ve been secretly dreaming of dating their best friend, colleague, or gym buddy, it’s time for the lovelorn to publicly admit the desires they’ve been keeping bottled up.

Hosted and supported by comedian Verona Rose, admirers from all walks of life will secretly invite their crush to join them, agreeing to be filmed as they declare their true feelings.

The other person will be told before filming that someone in their life secretly likes them but won’t find out who it is until the moment they walk into the date.

Honest revelations, shocked faces, tears or relief, and potential new relationships could all be in store.

In episode one, Livewire Evie wants to go from drunk snogs to deep in love with her crush Rico, and dance student Jules thinks he’s got the moves to impress colleague Lilly. But things really heat up when Michelle drops a bombshell on crush Andrew.

Secret Crush returns weekdays from Monday 12th September at 7pm on ITV2.


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