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Scared Of The Dark | Episode 1 Preview (Channel 4)

From the start it’s clear that everything in The Bunker will be challenging, including meeting people for the first time in the dark.

Personalities clash almost immediately thanks to the exacting standards of boxing legend Chris Eubank who doesn’t take lightly to swearing! But not everyone struggles with their new environment, in fact for blind Comedian Chris McCausland, it’s all too familiar.

However, one thing immediately changes for him in the bunker; as the most able-bodied person of the group in the pitch black, he soon becomes the most relied upon to survive.

We see football legend Paul Gascoigne getting to grips with his new environment, and when Comedian Donna Preston and Love Island Star Chloe Burrows take on the first terrifying challenge, things go from bad to worse. Just the thought of being alone in the dark has an emotional Chloe begging to leave and screaming ‘I’m Scared of the Dark!’

Scared Of The Dark begins tonight at 9pm on Channel 4 and All4. Continues every night at 9pm until Thursday 20th April.

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