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Nadiya's Simple Spices | Preview (BBC Two)

In this mouthwatering cookery series, beloved TV chef Nadiya Hussain is on a mission to simplify spices for the nation.

Blending the Bangladeshi influences of her childhood with some cherished British favourites, Nadiya will hero eight simple spices and one secret spice mix to transform everyday dishes into something sensational.

Each week, Nadiya will cook four deliciously simple recipes with every episode showcasing how a single spice, or a cunning combination of her trusted eight, can create uniquely delicious dishes from breakfast right through to dessert.

As always, Nadiya will divulge her trademark tricks, tips and hacks to demonstrate how cooking up a spice-fuelled storm at home can be tastier and thriftier than splashing out on a takeaway, offer a faff-free way to cook for your family and effortlessly impress at a party.

As well as Nadiya’s signature attention-grabbing viral recipes, there will also be the chance to explore a richly diverse range of spices from around the world, in dishes brought to life by chefs, cooks, and bakers across the UK.

Through their mouthwatering creations we will uncover the context and history of the spices they use, and how they’ve been inspired by them in the kitchen.

Host Nadiya Hussain says: “It’s been incredible to film a series where I can draw on all the ingredients and techniques that were used in my family kitchen whilst growing up, fusing my British and Bangladeshi heritage together to create unique but simple recipes that highlight how fantastically simple using spices is in day-to-day home-cooked dishes. I can’t wait to share Simple Spice with BBC viewers.”

Katy Fryer, Executive Producer for Wall To Wall Media, says: “I’m so thrilled to be working with Nadiya again on this timely new series. Nadiya’s sharing the secrets of her spice drawer with us to create a whole host of fun, delicious and useful recipes.”

Nadiya’s Simple Spices begins Tuesday 27th September on BBC Two.


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