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Jamie Oliver's Air Fryer Meals | Preview (Channel 4)

Jamie Oliver Productions has partnered with Tefal to bring Jamie’s Air-Fryer Meals, a primetime 2x60’ series to Channel 4 this Spring.

With 45% of the UK owning an air fryer, the way the nation is cooking is changing and in Jamie's Air-Fryer Meals, made with Tefal, Jamie shows us just how easy it is to get the most out of air fryers. Jamie shows how simple it is to bring delicious and nutritious food to the table faster and with less fuss than ever.

Each episode is jam-packed with inspiration, tips and hacks plus four to five air fryer recipes including mouth-watering grilled courgettes and aubergines, a perfectly cooked whole roast chicken inspired by the beautiful flavours of Kerala, and an impressive baked Alaska.

In Jamie’s indomitable style, he embraces the air fryer as an innovative and useful piece of kitchen equipment, sharing clever ways to use the air fryer whatever the occasion.

Jamie will also be joined in each episode by a guest chef with air fryer prowess. Michelin-trained chef Poppy O’Toole, who has a TikTok following of 4.3m and is renowned for her potato expertise will show just how versatile and delicious potatoes done in the air-fryer can be. While in episode two, Jamie’s joined by Sabrina Gidda, author of Modern South Asian Cuisine, who will bring her air-fryer twist to delicious lamb chops.

Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, said: “We might be a country of air-fryer converts but are we getting the most out of them? As the king of culinary solutions, Jamie is the perfect person to show us how to make the most of this gadget taking over kitchens nationwide.”

Katie Millard, Executive Producer for Jamie Oliver Productions, said: "If 2023 was the year the nation heard about air fryers, then this is the year we will all fall in love with the air fryer cooking. Jamie’s air-fryer recipes are already a huge hit on our website with over 500,000 views so far...

"Working with our long-term partner Tefal, Jamie was able to respond to the huge public demand for more air fryer recipes and loved every second developing the new recipes. As this series will show, there is so much more to an air fryer than nuggets and chips.”

Christophe Leblan, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Tefal, said: “Over the last twenty years we’ve worked with Jamie to produce top-quality cookware, knives and much more. We’re excited to be taking that partnership to the next level with Jamie’s Air Fryer Meals. Like Jamie, we’re passionate about making it easy for people to cook delicious recipes at home and we hope this series will inspire consumers to get creative and try new things with our range of air fryers.”

Jamie’s Air Fryer Meals is a 2x60 series and begins Monday 15th April.


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