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Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island | Preview (BBC Three)

Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island (4 x 45’) will be the latest BBC documentary from Zara McDermott, who first visited Ibiza in 2019 and fell in love with the Island. Having returned many times since as a holidaymaker, she now wants to discover how it all works from the inside.

With unprecedented access and a rich cast of characters, Zara will seek to understand the Ibiza phenomenon and how the island is changing as it looks to attract a more upmarket clientele.

Zara McDermott says: “I’ll be discovering what makes Ibiza tick and finding out what the future might hold for this ever changing island. As the 'Instagram effect' makes Ibiza the place to be seen for more and more young Brits I’m keen to explore how the island operates and deals with the challenges this poses.”

Sam Whittaker, MD of Summer Films says: “We are delighted to be working with Zara again on this, her first international film project”.

Clare Sillery, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries for the BBC said. “Zara’s popularity is down to her ability to speak at eye level to the BBC Three audience about what matters most to them, so we’re thrilled she’ll be bringing that insight to Ibiza for us.”

Zara has previously brought viewers a range of thought provoking and critically acclaimed documentaries on the BBC over the last few years on a host of important topics that matter including revenge porn, sexism and ‘rape culture’ in UK schools and the rise of young people experiencing eating disorders.

Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island begins Sunday 21st April at 9pm on BBC Three.


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