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Guessable | Series 4 Preview (Comedy Central)

The panel show where it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answers as everything is totally Guessable!

Each week two teams of comedians and celebrities must play an array of simple but beguiling guessing games where every answer is a clue leading to the grand finale - identifying which celebrity is hidden within the Mystery Box.

Sara Pascoe, Alan Davies, Darren Harriott and sidekick John Kearns welcome Nick Helm, Harriet Kemsley, Michael Dappah and Helen Bauer to play another round of absurd games to test their guessing skills.

Along the way Michael attempts to guess what’s going on with Harriet’s art skills in new game “Do You Feel Me”, Darren’s team try screaming the clues at him in “Get Your Act Together” and Nick lets everyone know what it feels like when they don’t believe in him during a game of “Listicuffs”.

But will any of this help them guess which celebrity's identity is hidden in John’s mystery box at the end of the show?

Guessable returns Wednesday 25th January at 10pm on Comedy Central.


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