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Grand Designs: House Of The Year 2021 | Preview (Channel 4)

Kevin McCloud sets off on a nationwide journey to explore some of the most spectacular homes in the running for the 2021 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) House of the Year award.

In each episode, he exclusively reveals which houses the RIBA judges have put through to the shortlist, and in the final programme, he announces the winner of this prestigious prize.

In this episode, Kevin and his co-presenters - architect Damion Burrows and design expert Michelle Ogundehin - visit five surprising houses that are competing for a place on the shortlist, all breathtaking buildings that stop you in your tracks.

They include a futuristic, 1960s sci-fi-inspired water tower in rural Norfolk; a startling 21st-century addition to a Victorian London street; a surprisingly sleek beach house beside a busy south coast boatyard; a radically contemporary interior hiding inside a 14th-century fortress in Cumbria; and an angular, space-age extension to a classic Georgian farmhouse.

Grand Designs: House Of The Year begins Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4.


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