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Grand Designs House Of The Year | 2022 Preview (Channel 4)

Kevin McCloud returns for another nationwide journey to explore the spectacular homes in the running for the 2022 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) House of the Year award.

Each week, Kevin's joined by architect Damion Burrows, design expert Michelle Ogundehin and, new to this series, conservation architect Natasha Huq, as they exclusively reveal which houses the RIBA judges have put through to the shortlist, and in the final programme, announce the winner of this prestigious prize.

In this episode, they visit five hard-to-build houses battling it out for a place on the shortlist - all breathtaking buildings that stop you in your tracks.

They include: a playful pink beach house built to withstand fierce winds and sandstorms on the south coast; a painstakingly meticulous, faithful renovation of a 1960s home in Derbyshire; an extreme DIY eco-home in Stirlingshire, years in the making.

Plus a dizzyingly difficult-to-build reimagining of a redbrick house in Dorset that pushed its builders to their limit; and a London new-build that hurdled challenge after challenge, from planning to the excavation of the vast basement.

Grand Designs: House Of The Year returns Wednesday 16th November at 9pm on Channel 4.


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