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First Dates | Series 20 Preview (Channel 4)

The first dater to brave the restaurant is 39-year-old Craig, a salesman who, rather ironically, has found it hard to sell himself whilst on a date. Having fathered three children with three different women, Craig is hoping to find someone accepting of his modern family but has been left ‘ghosted’ on dating apps.

His date is Becky, an insurance underwriter who is hoping to reclaim her dating A-game after four years of single life. Their date gets off to a rocky start when Craig drops the ‘baby bombshell’. Will this prove all too much for Becky, or are they destined to be one big happy family in the making?

Searching for an adventure in love is 22-year-old Olivia, an avid gamer who feels forced to hide her secret ‘geeky side’ on dates. Olivia has struggled to find a fellow “nerd” who she’s attracted to and is on the hunt for her dream man: a “geeky James Bond”. Will her date, 27-year-old Tom be the man to leave her shaken and stirred?

Ready to rock the restaurant is 30-year-old former holiday rep, Billy. Having traded in his party lifestyle for a more wholesome one, running his own Doggy Day Care, Billy is now looking for a companion to love.

His date is 32-year-old Kayleigh, a fellow dog lover who’s hoping to find a man to embrace her and her possessive pet pooch. While they seem like the perfect pairing, Kayleigh soon spots the 40 names tattooed on Billy from his days as a holiday rep. Will Billy’s previous party boy persona come back to haunt him or will him and Kayleigh find ‘puppy love’?

Taking centre stage for her first ever date is 20-year-old acting student, Rebecca, who’s hoping to find someone who understands her. Rebecca’s date is 20-year-old musician, Bella, who’s not shy in expressing their creativity with bold make-up choices. Can Rebecca overcome the first date nerves, or will her inexperience get in the way of finding her first ever partner?

First Dates returns Monday 17th April at 10pm on Channel 4.


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