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Commando - Britain's Ocean Warriors | Preview (BBC Two)

This unique four-part series goes behind the scenes of one of the world’s most revered military units, revealing the real story behind the green beret and the men and women who continue its legacy to this day.

Viewers will see first-hand what it takes to make the grade, while exploring the heritage, ethos, culture and indeed the modern role of the Royal Marines Commando.

The Royal Marine Commandos is one of most elite organisations in Britain, and change is afoot in this 350 year-old organisation. New faces fill the ranks and the force itself has cutting-edge technology and autonomous kit.

Each episode follows the training and deployment of those who make up the fighting unit, including one of only two women to wear the green beret in the Commandos today.

Viewers will meet a troop of young recruits gaining their green berets after completing the longest infantry training in the world, as well as D-Day veterans recalling the carnage of Normandy in World War Two.

From boarding teams operating on the ancient maritime smuggling routes in the Gulf to accompanying Commandos to the frozen wastes north of the Arctic Circle as they complete their winter survival training, expect drama, hair-raising moments and marines working day and night to be the best at what they do.

The series also follows the selection, training and final tests of the elite Mountain Leaders - the advance force for the Royal Marines, and widely regarded as one of the premier long range reconnaissance units on earth.

Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors has been produced for BBC Two and BBC England by Seadog Productions, an independent production company founded by Monty Halls. The first episode airs on 8 May at 8pm.

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