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The Canary Islands With Jane McDonald | Preview (Channel 5)

Jane undertakes an island-hopping adventure across the Canaries to discover the hidden treasures that each destination has to offer.

Jane arrives in Tenerife and stays in Playa de las Americas. She drives to the north of the island where she takes the eight minute cable car with local Steve up Mount Teide.

She breathes in the fresh air at the top, takes in the views and then heads back down to a traditional Canarian restaurant with Steve and his friend Laura. They eat the local potatoes, garlic dip and cheese.

Jane joins fellow hotel guests Angie and Alison to visit a local banana plantation where they go on a tour with guide Anna and learn how bananas are grown and how bunches of bananas are all female.

They try the banana and the products that you can make from a banana such as banana wine and banana jam. Later that day Jane meets up with Angie and Alison at the rooftop pool where they enjoy a drink together and Jane discovers what Angie loves about Tenerife.

The next day Jane takes the ferry to La Gomera where she learns how to make baskets from the locally grown date palm plants and also tries her hand at Silbo, the local way of talking through whistling. This way of communicating was originally used by the shepherds to speak across mountain ranges.

Jane heads to Siam Water park with fellow holiday makers Les and June, where she goes on the lazy river, one of the high slides and then jumps the waves made by the wave maker on the artificial beach.

Begins Friday 30th December on Channel 5.


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