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Andalucia With Michael Portillo | Preview (Channel 5)

Join Michael Portillo as he celebrates Andalucía, one of Spain’s most interesting and diverse regions.

It’s an area Michael knows and loves, as well as one where he lives for part of his year. Now, he takes us to six of his favourite spots and reveals what makes them so special.

Each episode focuses on a different main location where Michael meets local people who have a particular connection to that place and who introduce Michael to something they’re passionate about, whether it’s cooking and eating a local delicacy, practising arts and crafts, or delving into Andalucía’s rich history.

Michael starts out from his adopted Andalucían hometown of Carmona near Sevilla, to head to Granada.

Here, he stays in the grounds of the Alhambra, an incredible fortress and palace which was the last stronghold in Spain of a great Muslim empire; he meets food writer and blogger Fiona Dunlop to unpick the roots of the areas food; and tries his hand at the potter’s wheel in a 500 year old family business.

Andalucia with Michael Portillo begins Tuesday 7th November at 9pm on Channel 5.


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