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Saturday night family favourite, Alan Carr’s Picture Slam will return to BBC One later this year for a second run of 10x45.

The first series of Alan Carr’s Picture Slam averaged 3.3 million viewers across its eight-episode run, and saw its strongest audience in the penultimate episode, which averaged 4.6 million, making this the biggest Entertainment launch on the BBC last year and the second biggest new Entertainment launch across the market in 2023.

Picture Slam sees three teams face a series of pictures and each picture is worth cash. The more they can name the more they win, but for the big money they need to name them ALL, and if they do that, they’ve got a Picture Slam!

This is the fast paced game that asks do you know your Eiffel Tower from your Blackpool Tower? Your Victoria Beckham from your Victoria Sponge and your Buckingham Palace from your Crystal Palace? Across four thrilling rounds, contestants will need to know something about everything to try and win up to £10,000!

In each round, the teams consisting of two contestants will be presented with a board full of images they need to correctly identify against the clock. If they clear a full board with correct answers for a ‘Picture Slam’ they’ll receive a cash bonus.

Only the team who makes it to the final will take home any of their banked cash and, if they can find all the required pictures, they’ll take home the jackpot.

Alan Carr says: “I am over the moon that Picture Slam is coming back, I love the show so much and I’m bowled over by how popular it’s become. It’s manic, a little bit random and full of fun - it’s like if I was a quiz show!!! Let’s do it all over again!”

Ed De Burgh and Ben Shephard, Executive Producers for Triple Brew Media say “Picture Slam’s fast-paced, play along nature combined with Alan’s unique blend of wit and humour, captivated audiences last year. We can’t wait to get back into the studio and bring more Picture Slam to everyone!”

Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment at the BBC adds: “With even more episodes to look forward to in the second series and our funny host Alan Carr at the helm, Picture Slam is the perfect teatime treat that the whole family can play along with!”

Series 2 will be filmed at Pacific Quay in Glasgow. Applications are now open until March 31st 2024 Series 1 is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.


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