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Hold on to your bouquet, as TV’s most exciting, daring, drama-packed relationship format is back! After a record breaking run last series, Married at First Sight UK is returning bigger than ever before.

The couples will make a lifelong commitment to one another at a glamorous ceremony, overseen by a wedding celebrant, that includes guests, bridal gowns, dancing, speeches and cake.

At 36 episodes, this will be the largest series to date and the show’s longest ever run. Across the process, the couples will be matched and guided by returning experts Melanie Schilling, Paul C. Brunson and Charlene Douglas.



34, Tennis Coach from London

Arthur was born in Poland and, at 16, his mother and stepfather brought him to England. He didn’t speak a word of English and had to take on the role of raising his one-year-old brother so his parents could work.


30, Sports Rehabilitator from Surrey

Georges grew up in Romsey and spent most of his childhood in private school followed by boarding school.


27, Model from Grimsby

Brad is comfortable and secure in who he is, and says he doesn’t care what people think about him, as long as he’s being his authentic self


30, Sales Executive from Clacton

In his local town, Luke is known as the “funny one.” No matter the time of day, Luke can always be relied upon to make silly jokes. The social butterfly is often hitting his goals, but there is one he can’t seem to crack – and that is finding a wife.


26, Accounts Manager from Chesham

Paul lights up every room he enters and is a true socialite with a zest for life and adventure. Never one to sit still, Paul leads an extremely active lifestyle. He’s a keen footballer, boxer and gym goer.


36, Events Marketing Manager from Manchester

Nathanial exudes charisma and charm. Being an events marketing manager with a jet-set lifestyle, Nathanial is always on the move


40, Youth Worker and DJ from Reading

Father-of-three Terence is the life and soul of the party with a heart of gold and his friends and family describe his personality as optimistic and vibrant


27, Investment Communications from Wiltshire

This traditional, animal-loving gent is looking to find a soulmate who will accept not just him but his feline friends. Spending his teens living in Indonesia with his family sparked a passion in Thomas for travel and adventure.


29, Clinic Consultant from Weston-Super-Mare

This blonde bombshell has a big heart and a big sense of humour. Her caring nature is the foundation of the close relationships she shares with her family and friends


31, Sales Manager from Lancashire

Jay is known for being the funny one without trying. Her positivity and happy-go-lucky energy shines through in a group of people.


34, Finance Manager from Hampshire

Laura loves the finer things in life and spends most of her weekends out in Chelsea. She loves her designer handbags and admits she owns a lot.


32, Technology Risk Partner from Kent

Standing at 5’10”, it is fair to say Peggy turns heads whenever she enters a room. Over the years, the secret geek has picked up the nickname - “Picky Peggy,” due to how she is with men and “Peggy in the middle,” as she is always the centre of any drama.


31, Performing Arts Teacher from Nottingham

Shona won’t hold back from speaking her mind. Unruffled by outside judgement, Shona describes herself as a true free spirit and recently got into spirituality and Yoga.


36, Executive Assistant from London

Porscha is a force to be reckoned with, but ultimately has a big heart. She is old school when it comes to love and has traditional values. She is a very loving single mum and holds her Christian faith in high regard.


28, Florist from Crewe

Rosaline is a quirky ball of energy who was born and raised in Crewe. She grew up on a working farm surrounded by animals


25, Childcare Assistant from Leeds

Tasha describes herself as a ‘typical Leeds girl’ because she’s the life and soul of the party. Underneath her sassy exterior, Tasha is very caring and has a lot of love to give. She dreams of starting a family of her own one day so is looking for a man who loves children as much as she does.

Married At First Sight UK returns later this month on E4.


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