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The recoupling has sent shockwaves through the Villa and Toby’s split decision has taken everyone by surprise.

Walking away from the firepit and heading for the bedroom, an emotional Arabella confides in the girls and says: “I just feel it’s always me, I’m always the one to get hurt…he’s an immature little boy…how can you literally be saying things and just change your mind like that? If your feelings are genuine you don’t change your mind like that…”

Caught in the middle, Georgia S says: “I feel awful…”

Arabella says: “It’s nothing to do with you. Why’s he put us in this situation?”

With the girls baffled by Toby’s decision, where does this leave Toby with his fellow Islanders as he follows his heart? And will Georgia S reciprocate his advances? 


It’s a new day in the Villa and Georgia H gets a text. She reads: “Girls, it’s time for an afternoon of cocktails and convos. Please get ready to leave the Villa. #GirlTime #SipAndShake

Sipping cocktails in the stunning South African sunshine there is only one topic of conversation on everyone's lips, Toby picking Georgia S in the recoupling.

Arabella says: “I obviously did not see that coming at all.”

Georgia S says: “You and me both Belle…as awful as it is and how much he’s jeopardised other people in here and their feelings, I feel like being upfront and saying how it is, I do rate. I think you never know how long you’re in here for, you never know what can happen next.”

Arabella says: “I had a conversation with Cal last night and I think he’s just a bit upset from his point of view that you guys had been talking on a level and the fact that when Toby did recouple to you, you didn’t shut it down straight away.”

As the girlie chats continue, back at the Villa Chris and Toby catch up with a pamper session.

Face masks on and cucumbers across their eyes, Chris says: “I was just trying to convey to the lads that there are multiple ways of looking at things. I think they got it…they had fair points mate…like has G got any blame in this, in terms of leading you to believe…”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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