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Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty return with a new series and kick-start the weekend with some good food, great chat and celebrity fun and games in their bistro at the end of Southend Pier.

Four new episodes, filmed in 2019, begin with one of the grumpiest men in comedy, Jack Dee, who revisits his days as a chef at the Ritz and steps back into the kitchen for an evening of great food and non-stop banter.

Jack shares memories of family camping holidays in France as a child and remembers the smells of the perfectly cooked rotisserie chickens he hasn't been able to recreate since. Jamie and Jimmy have tracked down the campsite Jack's family stayed at in Rosporden, in Brittany, and bought all the ingredients from the area so that they can recreate the effect of a perfect rotisserie chicken but in a domestic oven - complete with garlic and onion roast potatoes and a dressed French bean salad.

Jamie upgrades our Sunday roast to Friday night status, serving up a beautiful pot roast pork wrapped in cured meat with sage and garlic, and a side of celeriac, spinach and compote apple and rhubarb.

Jimmy rustles up an easy way of doing spicy veggie samosas, and together they shine a light on an incredible charity that uses food waste from supermarkets to help homeless people.

The whole series will be available to stream or download, for free, on All 4 from 8 January 2021 following the transmission of episode 1.

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