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Love Island and ITV’s World Cup coverage were the most watched events in broadcaster streaming in 2022, with 273 million streams and 146 million streams respectively.

Award-winning fan favourite Love Island tops the table as the biggest series in UK broadcaster streaming, with more than 273 million streams last summer, making it the show’s most streamed series ever. The top episode in the series achieved 8.9 million streams.

ITV’s World Cup coverage had a total of 146 million streams across the 34 matches broadcast by ITV during the tournament. The most streamed match was England v France in the Quarter Final which had an impressive 15.4 million streams, through ITVX.

ITV also secured the biggest entertainment series of 2022 in broadcaster streaming, with I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! recording 57 million streams. The launch episode was streamed 5 million times.

2022 also boasted ITV’s best ever day for streaming with 30 million streams on 10th December (when ITV broadcast England v France and Morocco v Portugal) and ITV also secured its best ever month in streaming, for July 2022 with 276 million streams.

Kevin Lygo, ITV’s Managing Director of Media and Entertainment said: “Our streaming numbers for 2022 demonstrate that ITV is home to the biggest events, in both TV and streaming. We have a strong schedule in 2023 and some exciting events from the Rugby World Cup to the return of Big Brother, as well as a whole host of brilliant dramas and more, all of which will be available through ITVX”.


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