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A new series for ITVBe follows Kelsey Parker as she negotiates and navigates life after the death of her husband, Tom Parker, in Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom.

Through Kelsey’s very personal story, she will open the doors to her life and explore bereavement and grief in a way we’ve never seen before, looking at how Kelsey is re-building her life without Tom.

Kelsey’s story and the impact on her young family is at the heart of this conversation and through her eyes we’ll see her meet with people from all walks of life across the UK, who can share their insights into our relationship with grief and the different methods that can help us find a way through it.

From household names who open up about their own personal experiences with grief, to other young widows and bereavement experts, Kelsey’s journey will see her and her young family mark the major milestones without Tom.

Kelsey will discover if exploring alternative approaches to grief like visiting death cafes and grief yoga can help us all come to terms with loss.

The series is an unflinching look at the reality of bereavement, that confronts death with compassion, empathy, emotional frankness and some humour. Kelsey’s new life and her approach acts as a catalyst to get the nation talking about one of life’s universal moments - something that affects everybody, that we all must face.

Amanda Stavri, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Reality said: “Continuing our commitment to bring viewers real-life stories, we are privileged to have Kelsey bravely share her experience after the passing of her husband, Tom. Kelsey has allowed cameras into her home to follow her very own personal journey with grief, in the hope it helps others.”

Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom is a 6x60 for ITVBe.


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