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Sir Trevor McDonald and Charlene White host a new hour-long documentary for ITV exploring its impact for people living in the UK.

Sir Trevor and Charlene examine the effect of the Black Lives Matter movement and, in the wake of recent studies, ask to what extent prejudice is embedded in British society.

Among those featured in the documentary are teachers attempting to transform the curriculum in schools, mothers campaigning for better maternity outcomes in hospitals and representatives from historic institutions that are re-examining the past.

The programme also hears from high profile public figures on why they’ve called for change and used their platforms to speak out about racism in the last year.

Sir Trevor McDonald said: “The death of George Floyd a year ago sent waves of anger and frustration across the globe. It sparked a worldwide movement of such power and emotion. This film will explore what the legacy of the Black Lives Matter movement is in Britain.”

Charlene White added: “After the death of George Floyd came the worldwide explosion of one of the most poignant anti-racism messages of a generation: "Black Lives Matter". But what impact, if any, did the movement have in Britain? Will it lead to any tangible change? And what about those who feel the movement has gone too far."

ITV Controller of Current Affairs, Tom Giles, said: “By speaking to leading figures and hearing the experiences of British people, this documentary aims to reflect on the impact of George Floyd's death, offer insight into how the reverberations are continuing to be felt and ask where do we go from here."

ITN Productions Executive Producer, Andy Dunn, said: “Never more so than during the past year have open and honest conversations surrounding race and racism been had in the UK. A year on from George Floyd’s death, this film examines what effect it and the Black Lives Matter movement that followed had on Britain.”

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