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Tom Bradby will present from Washington DC as the lead presenter of Trump vs Biden: The Results and will be accompanied in the studio by Washington correspondent, Robert Moore and US political analyst Dr. Keneshia Grant, Julie Etchingham will report live from the swing state of Florida.

They will be joined by politicians, campaigners and voters from across the US political spectrum who will provide unrivalled insight and analysis, including Anthony Scaramucci, Ann Coulter and Martin Luther King III.

Rageh Omaar will follow Trump and Emma Murphy will follow Biden and throughout the night a host of ITV News’s top correspondents will also provide additional insight from across the US.

In a campaign year which has had many unexpected and controversial moments, there is no doubt there will be some surprises in the results. Fortunately, renowned psephologist Jane Green and 'Peston' co-presenter Anushka Asthana will be on hand to spot the trends before anyone else and interrogate the results of the election, helping tell the story as it emerges.

Tom Bradby said: "If we have learned one thing with these overnight programmes in recent years, it is to expect the unexpected and this night might very well be the most interesting of all. Our job is simply to tell people what is happening and what it means, and it is a great privilege to be in the hot seat once again. There is a great deal to explore and explain."

Robert Moore: “Over the years, I have seen many presidential battles in my role as Washington correspondent.  But this is a unique moment in so many ways: an election amid a pandemic; extraordinary early voting figures; and the spectre that President Trump may not accept the outcome. This will be a thrilling political night - a true test of America’s democratic resilience. I am excited to be part of the ITV team led by Tom Bradby.”

Trump vs Biden: The Results will air on ITV on Tuesday 3rd November, starting at 11pm.

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