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PREVIEW: I Am Danielle, Channel 4

The second of three films in a female-led drama anthology series of stand-alone programmes, starring three of Britain's leading actors, from BAFTA-winning writer-director Dominic Savage.

The trilogy explores the experience of three women in moments that are emotionally raw, thought-provoking and personal. The stories for each film have been developed in creative partnership with the leading actors, using improvised dialogue, and include the themes of relationships, mental health and empowerment.

In the second film of the series, Danielle (BAFTA-winning Letitia Wright) is a photographer focused on her career. She meets a model and cautiously starts dating him. Michael (CJ Beckford) could be the one. But after she has fallen completely in love, Danielle discovers a disturbing secret.

Can she still love him after this betrayal of trust? I Am Danielle is a compelling reflection on the hope and heartache of falling in love in the age of social media, when trust and betrayal go hand in hand. Co-starring Sophia Brown (Giri/Haji) and Simona Brown (Behind Her Eyes).

Airs Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4.


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