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Eleven ordinary people from across the UK go fugitive. If they successfully outrun the elite team of hunters for 23 days, they will win a share of £100,000.

For the first time on Hunted, the fugitives must make their escape from an island, the Isle of Wight, under the ever-watchful eye of the hunter helicopter which is streaming live video direct to HQ.

Grace (Drama Teacher), 24, Hampshire & Abi (Occupational Therapist), 21, Southampton

Sisters Abi and Grace may look like two peas in a pod but they couldn’t be more different. Abi an Occupational Therapist is laid back, spontaneous and tomboyish whilst Grace, the eldest, is a Drama Teacher who loves Disney and an excel spread sheet. The one thing they are always in agreement over is their mum and how important she is in their lives. Their mum has worked for the NHS for over 40 years and she is their inspiration and motivation to go on the run. If they win, they want to use the money to help clear her mortgage.

Amarinder (Dentist), 34 & Shoba (Admin Officer), 59, Essex

Shoba, was raised in a traditional Indian household and had an arranged marriage at just eighteen. She has spent most of her life devoting herself to her 4 children, which includes her youngest son 34-year-old son Amarinder. Amarinder is a self-confessed ‘mummy’s boy’. Shoba and Amarinder do everything together, from exercising to shopping. They pay particular attention to their grooming techniques.

James (Postman), 32 & Nathan (Graphic Designer), 28, Castleford

Nathan and James met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2013 and a year later, they became housemates and are now the best of friends. They share a love of skiing, Escape Rooms and golf. The pair have had many adventures travelling all over the world together to far flung places including South Korea, Mexico, Japan, Bali, America and Singapore. They are both profoundly deaf. James was diagnosed deaf shortly after birth and Nathan lost his hearing aged 2 after contracting meningitis.

Liam (Plumber) 36 & Katie (Art Tutor) 34, Sheffield

Katie and Liam have been together for thirteen years. Katie said his persistence at the beginning is what eventually swayed her to go on their first date. The couple share a love of urban exploring and plan to use old buildings, and underground tunnels whilst on the run to outfox the hunters. Liam is a plumber and describes himself as practical, hands on and can make or mend anything! Katie, an art tutor, is very creative and super organised.

Meurig (Mental Health Nurse), 30 & Elinor (Waitress), 22, Swansea

Meurig and Elinor met in a local nightclub four years ago and since then the pair have been inseparable. 18 months ago, Meurig contracted suspected COVID-19 which led to him developing pulmonary embolisms on his lungs. As a couple, it was an incredibly scary time as Meurig thought he was going to die. Elinor supported and cared for him during this difficult time leaving the couple stronger than ever.

Sarah (Police Officer), 35, Norfolk

Prior to joining the police, Sarah served in the military police for 8 years which took her on two tours of Iraq. Sarah adores her two children Tyler (10) and Isaac (3) and husband Daniel but life ferrying her children to football, after school clubs and doing housework isn’t as exciting as it once was, and Sarah wants to go on the run to prove to herself that she’s still got it.

Hunted returns Sunday 22nd May at 9pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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