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Earlier in the year, at the height of the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, BBC Two broadcast two extraordinary films following the staff and patients of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Now, Hospital returns for a sixth series to the Royal Free London, a world leader in the treatment of infectious diseases and one of the biggest NHS Trusts in the country. As they struggle to pick up the pieces, we follow the human stories behind the headlines of staff and patients alike, as they grapple with the extraordinary challenge of operating within the new Covid-19 landscape.

This series explores the unintended cost of effectively closing the doors of the NHS, as fears rise over the number of people who may die, not because of Covid-19 but due to delay in the diagnosis and treatment for life-threatening conditions. The films explore the ramifications for an NHS which in the words of one consultant, became "A National Covid Service, not a National Health Service".

With waiting lists at an all-time high, the public losing their patience, winter approaching and with it another wave of the virus, this is the story of the NHS as you’ve never seen it before. An NHS, where despite everything, some of the best specialists in the world are still working miracles and fighting to keep us alive.

Hospital begins Monday 9th November at 9pm on BBC Two.


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