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Christmas is just around the corner and Mike’s mum, Betty is staying.

Although she is just trying to be helpful, Mike and Alison soon lose patience with her interfering ways. There’s no easy way to ask her to go home so the couple (and the Ghosts) struggle on, with Button House feeling fuller than ever.

Now a Christmas convert, Robin is missing that all important ‘Christmassy’ feeling, so the gang share their secrets to getting into the festive spirit. But when even more decorations and merry music don’t do the trick, the Ghosts wonder if Robin will be able to capture that Christmas magic again?

Just as Betty announces she’s heading home to (silent) sighs of relief, she suspects there is something terribly wrong at Button House. This triggers a U-turn – Betty resolves that she cannot leave until the house is safe – going to extreme measures to protect her family.

Desperate, Mike and Alison must recruit the Ghosts to start Operation Bye Bye Betty! The Ghosts soon realise however that they may have more in common with Betty than they first thought. The whole experience inspires the Ghosts to reflect, and a big decision awaits them all.

Ghosts is a half hour Christmas Special for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. It was commissioned by Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy.

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