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Reports: BBC One dram Four Lives, starring Sheridan Smith and Stephen Merchant, has been delayed. The series is about four murders carried out by Stephen Port East London.

The series can only be shown after an inquest into the victims' deaths has taken place. Last week the coroner adjourned proceedings due to safety concerns about coronavirus.

A source told The Sun: "This will prolong the agony of families who are hoping the drama will show the world how the cases were handled, and how police may have been able to stop the killer sooner. Relatives were already upset last year when they learned the broadcast date was being pushed back by at least 14 months due to the court proceedings...

"Their frustration is shared by the BBC, who have had the schedules on so many shows thrown into disarray by the pandemic. But with Four Lives they have a surefire hit completed and ready to air."

[Picture: BBC]


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