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PREVIEW: First Dates Hotel (S6E2)

The First Dates Hotel in southern Italy opens its doors for another spectacular season of love, as a new batch of British singletons look for love in the sun, and manager Fred Sirieix and his team of cupids meet their every whim.

In this episode, six-foot-tall gym owner and ex-military man Richard makes an appearance poolside. In spite of his muscular appearance, Richard is a sensitive soul who loves a musical and Harry Potter. Having Asperger's means Richard struggles to read women, and he has to ask his date Emilia how it's going, mid-meal. Emilia opens up about her past as the two make a heart-warming connection.

Hotelier Andy is 40 and, having been straight all his life, he's excited to be going on his first ever date with a man. Ex-bouncer Joseph, from Darlington, is delighted to welcome Andy into the gay club - 'the best club on earth'. Angie, who's 24, meets ex-footballer Tom, who has been a stereotypical lad in the past but is determined to grow up. The chemistry between these two is palpable from the moment they lay eyes on each other.

The third episode of First Dates Hotel is available to watch on All 4 on the same day.


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