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If you missed it: It is time to mark your calendars, cancel any plans, and get your sonic screwdrivers at the ready as the TARDIS is set to return to BBC One and iPlayer on Saturday 25 November.

Get set for three epic adventures starting with The Star Beast (25 November) where the Doctor and Donna will come face to face after all these years but just how, and why, is about to be revealed.

Followed by Wild Blue Yonder (2 December) and The Giggle (9 December) viewers are about to go on an otherworldly adventure through space and time.

Before then, the BBC have confirmed its scheduled for the week leading up to the special episodes, including programming to mark the anniversary date itself on Thursday 23rd November.

At 12:15pm on 23rd November, Eric Knowles grabs his scarf and sonic screwdriver to present a special episode of Bargain Hunt. After encountering a Dalek and escaping into a TARDIS, he’s transported to a Carmarthen antiques fair where he meets two teams of die-hard fans, each hoping to exterminate their competitors and find some stellar bargains.

At 7:30pm on BBC Four will be the first showing of The Daleks colourisation. Originally transmitted in December 1963 to February 1964, The Daleks were introduced to audiences and soon became one of the Doctor’s most formidable and enduring foes.

The story follows the very first crew of the TARDIS as they land in a petrified forest on an alien planet. Determined to explore, the Doctor (William Hartnell) leads his companions into the metal city, where they discover danger at every corner and what will become his deadliest enemy, the mutant Daleks.

These seven original 25 minute episodes have now received a cosmic makeover, having been dazzlingly colourised and weaved together into a 75 minute blockbuster to appeal to today’s modern audiences. With brand new sound, a brand new score - created by Mark Ayres - The Daleks has been gloriously updated, whilst ensuring the original classic story remains as thrilling as it was when it began in 1963.

At 8:45pm, BBC Four will repeat An Adventure In Space And Time, the dramatised account of how Doctor Who was brought to the screen in 1963 by a young producer frustrated by TV's glass ceiling and an actor unhappy with a career of hard-man roles.

Followed by William Hartnell: The Original, a five-minute documentary looking at how William Hartnell shaped the Doctor and his legacy. Featuring rare archive footage and new interviews with many who worked with him, including Carole Ann Ford, Peter Purves and Waris Hussein, as well as Matt Smith, Peter Davison and Hartnell's granddaughter Jessica Carney.

The Whoniverse is available on BBC iPlayer.


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