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MTV are reportedly developing a UK version of reality dating format Dating Naked, which has been aired in the US and Germany.

The series will be filmed in a luxury villa in South America early next year and is expected to air later in 2024 on MTV in the UK. Casting is now open for "body-confident extroverts" over the age of 20 looking to find love.

The series sees a group of singletons spend three weeks in a luxury villa with the aim to find love... whilst they're all totally naked. The winner will receive a cash prize in the final episode.

A source told The Sun: "Finding love isn’t the only incentive for potential contestants — there will also be a huge cash prize for the winner. But the contestants will have to be seriously at one with nature because they’ll be filmed nude for pretty much the entire time they’re on the show."

More details will be revealed in due course.


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