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One Night In… Hamleys sees comedians Romesh Ranganathan, Rob Beckett and Tom Allen locked overnight in world-famous toy shop Hamleys on London’s Regent Street.

With no security guards or grown-ups there to hamper the fun, the three friends can run wild for the night and do all the things they dreamed of doing in a toy shop when they were kids.

Narrated by Sarah Millican, It’s A Night In The Museum meets Big as the three comics run amok, raid the shelves, chat about Christmas, invent daft games to play, and reminisce with funny festive stories, as they hang out after hours and unsupervised in the fun emporium.

The rules are – sleeping’s cheating, leave it how you found it, and if they break it, they pay for it! They can do anything they like, just as long as they’re out of the store before the cleaners arrive and the shutters go up the next morning.

One Night in… Hamleys airs Christmas Eve at 9pm on Channel 4


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