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The BBC have reportedly decided against a second series of Britain's Top Taekaways after one series, which aired last May, on BBC Two.

Britain's Top Takeaway was an eight-part series, hosted by Sara Cox and Darren Harriet, which sees some of the nation’s best-loved independent takeaways battling for supremacy in a fast-food showdown that crowns a different winner each week.

The series was a celebration of Britain’s booming home delivery scene which will see five takeaways from the same sector across the UK compete each week. Each order is biked to households in and around Manchester for the ultimate customer critique, before the scores reveal each episode's Top Takeaway.

A source told The Sun: "It seems like Britain has fallen out of love with food. It’s a saturated market with so much competition, so it’s no surprise really that some shows find it hard to stand out. But it’s particularly tough for Sara and Darren’s one to be culled after just a series as it didn’t have time to grow."

Britain's Top Takeaways is available now on BBC iPlayer.

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