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This six-part series showcases the British fishing fleet on a scale not seen before, following boats from all around our nations' shores plying their trade across a vast expanse of UK waters.

Focusing on deep-sea fishing fleets, a key industry in communities from Shetland to Newlyn, this series will dramatically intercut the stories of fishermen who put to sea for a week at a time, work round the clock in all weathers, and do one of the most dangerous, high-stakes jobs in Britain.

Made by Frank Films, a regional production company based in Bristol and Cardiff, each episode will be set over a week at sea, with multiple crews filming simultaneously, capturing the contrasting fortunes of different vessels. With access to boats in every kind of fishery, from multi-million-pound pelagics and supercrabbers to wreck-netters and trawlers, we'll see characters facing unique challenges and shifting odds as they battle to bring home their catch - hundreds of miles apart, but all sailing the same fine line between risk and reward.

The series will use satellite tracking technology to drive graphics that link these stories and set them in the epic big picture of fishing activity around our coast, while latest-generation camera technology on board the boats captures this most dramatic of precincts.

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