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PREVIEW: Bank Balance for Red Nose Day, BBC One

Tonight, Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance for Red Nose Day welcomes Italian chef Gino D’Acampo and his son Luci to play the high-stakes and high-drama game that’s as unpredictable as its host!

In this one-off special, Gino and Luci will need cool heads and nerves of steel if they’re going to win big for Comic Relief.

Father and son attempt to answer questions correctly so they can place different sized stacks of gold bars on a volatile Balance Board - the more bars they build up, the more they could win for charity. But, the more bars on the board, the more volatile it becomes and the greater the risk that the bars come crashing down, leaving the duo to go home, with nothing!

Bank Balance for Red Nose Day airs Saturday 13th March at 6pm on BBC One.


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